March: Our Everyday Adventures Via the IPhone

March seems like a lifetime ago! I have been trying to incorporate a few videos, but I need to play around a bit more. It was taking too much time, and I needed to post. We started the month off skiing in Niseko, Japan. Ada stayed behind, because she had too much going on at school she didn’t want to miss out on. It was tough to leave her, but we were so proud of her for making such a difficult choice and realizing how she prioritizes school! Most people thought we were crazy to leave her and let her make the choice, but I think we did the right thing and I feel it gave her a real sense of independence and importance in the family unit.

This is where I was hoping to insert a short video of our Niseko trip, and a poetry reading Ada did at school about home (Nebraska), which may or may not have made Adam and I cry. Any tips on uploading video content or adding links to wordpress are welcome (note, I can’t even set up a youtube channel because every time I try to login to google and answer security questions its in chinese, which is not helpful. Plus I’m not really tech savvy).

Ada had another Girl Scout campout, but this time all the dads (read; all the moms insist the dads go) volunteered to take Troop 21.

HKIS, the girls’ school hosts student led conferences in the spring. I think its a great concept and I love getting to see the girls interact in their classrooms with us and their teachers. The most impressive collaboration was the second grade economics unit. In addition to all the activities they did including putting together a fully operational cardboard carnival, Ada was able to give an A+ speech recapping the unit and all she learned. I was floored by how well she knew the information and how confidently she delivered it. Very proud parental moment! Mae’s class is studying the Hong Kong Skyline and she was able to teach us about reclaimed land through dessert, also impressive and delicious!

Mae lost her first tooth. Bit into a sandwich and out it came. She was terrified to let anyone touch it, so she was relieved when it all said and done.

I attended Art Basel solo this year, but it was amazing as always and I snapped a few pictures to share with Adam and the girls. The Brad Pitt piece was an enormous tapestry. I like the guy, but the art itself was very inspiring.

Finally Ashley and Adam arrived and we celebrated Easter with a hike on Dragons Back down to Shek O beach. The picture of the eggs isn’t one of my favorites but I love Ada’s princess leia egg! Next post our Palawan trip!


One thought on “March: Our Everyday Adventures Via the IPhone

  1. I love your post and think it is a wonderful way to help us enjoy your adventures. I found out that my replies and messages to HongKong don’t get sent if I send from Arnold but does go if I send from Lincoln. Am anxious for you to get back. There has been a lot if activity. Will write later. Moma

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