February: Our Everyday Adventures Via the IPhone

Unfortunately, February was mostly a continuation of the January blues. Gloomy moods and weather seemed to dominate. Our bright spots included pink dolphin watching with friends (poor Mae was home sick), Chinese New Year, and meeting children’s book author Mac Barnett.

Chinese New Year is such a festive holiday around the city. There are many activities to participate in such as lion dances, fireworks, flower markets, giving and receiving laisee packets, and so much more. This year the girls weren’t too crazy about fighting any of the crowds for most of these activities, so we took it easy and ate dumplings at home. We ventured out on the nicest day of our break for market wondering, and carnival happenings!

Ada caught the little virus Mae had the week before, but pushed through the carnival! That girl will never admit she is sick, never wants to miss a beat. The girls and I made valentines to take to school. Because of CNY, it’s often an after thought for most. The girls only received a few other valentines from friends, and one VERY special valentine all the way from Nebraska. Getting mail here is a really big deal. It doesn’t happen often because of the obscene cost. So they were tickled pink to receive homemade buntings with their names from their Moma. Plus I love they are still excited to give even if they don’t receive. I’ll call that a win!

A more random collection of photos I’ll list with short captions…

A mexican themed birthday party. Frieda and thug vibes.

Birthday macaroons. Pierre Herme. Only the best.

The girls were asked to model for a towel company by a friend of a friend. Mae’s baby face went over well.

We put our king size bed to good use. It starts with two of us and usually ends up with four of us. They are only little once.

The pink dolphin is an endangered species. Sightings are getting few and far between. It was a cold and wet day when we went, but the guide told us it was THE sighting of the last 5 years. We saw so many. They only swim in pods of 4-5 and we saw at least 4 different pods, including a mama and her calf. It was really something special.

One of the only sunsets we have been able to see this year because of all the rain and clouds and haze.

The girls and I made marbled clay dishes one day as a boredom buster. Easy Peasy. Unfortunately, they break easily too.

Mae bundled and armed with her umbrella.

We had the privilege to Meet and listen to children’s author Mac Barnett through the girl’s school. He also visited each of their classrooms and Ada attended a special writers workshop with him. He graciously took pictures with us and signed the books we already had of his. He was such a neat person. Really funny and great with the kids.

Excited beyond belief to have my sister here in just a few weeks, and a little excited about our trip to Palawan!








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