A Little Ray of Sunshine: Via the IPhone

So my Rant about January was a little (read a lot) on the depressive side. There is always something positive if we look hard enough.

We’ve been in HK for three years now, and at two years in I had already experienced the inevitable meet a bestie for life and then have them relocate. Sad face. Luckily, She has opened her home and her heart to me and my family since day one. So, after she moved I took full advantage and invited myself to stay at her place the first chance I could get. We added Washington D.C. to the list of places to be over our holiday break. We had fantastic time, not to mention fantastic weather for a great start to the new year.

Washington D.C. was a really beautiful city. We saw a few monuments and spent an afternoon at Mt. Vernon. We ate lots of tacos, both homemade and not. Adam took all 5 kids to see Star Wars, Monica and I walked around historic Georgetown, and enjoyed a much needed coffee date.

In addition to starting the month off on a good foot, we ended the month on a high note as well. After several weeks of dreading Girl Scout camp, the time had finally come…As much as I was hoping the forecast would offer blue skies and high temps, The Hong Kong Observatory App was telling me the opposite. I frantically borrowed and bought any and all rain gear I could find last minute. Ada and I endured camp last year in unrelenting rain. She had a good time, but it really wasn’t pleasant at all, hence my unenthusiastic feelings to relive Girl Scout Camp. This year Mae decided she wanted to be part of it, so I felt I had no other choice but to drag Adam into it as well. So we paid for the four of us (not a cheap thrill) and watched the weather forecast get worse and worse. We nearly threw in the towel last minute, but luckily we didn’t. We packed our bags and headed for the hills (of the New Territories).

It was wet and muddy and chilly. There were rats in tents, wild boar attacks, and squatty potties. BUT, the rain held out. There were cozy campfires, roasted marshmallows, and most importantly, lots of smiles from our girls. They loved nearly every minute.



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