September & October: Our Everyday Adventures via the iPhone

My last post was January. What?!? How has that much time passed already? I contemplated picking up where I left off, yet it seemed much too daunting to start so far back. Maybe one of these days I’ll pick up the slack and do a recap. In the meantime, here is a peek at what we have been up to since we have been back in HK from our summer break.

After having planned a trip, missing the trip (due to a number of obstacles) and replanning the trip, Halong Bay, Vietnam was AH-mazing! Photos just don’t do the hundreds of thousands of limestone islands justice. We were there during the slower tourist season and so the boat traffic wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it might be. We hired a three cabin boat with a crew and a chef and everything was so spot on. We rowed through a floating village, we ate dinner in a candlelit cave, we hiked, we swam, and we tried our hand at fishing. Oh and Adam worked of course.

Halloween fun. This time of year I start to get nostalgic for all the traditions we left behind when we moved. Our house was the trick or treat base for so many of our cousins. The cooler weather, the leaves, and that cozy fall feeling is lacking where we are. We do have great friends and had a fine time this year, and last year, and the year before. However, nothing can replace being with family, eating corn chowder, and chili, while trick or treating and handing out candy.

Ada was an American Girl Doll, which we fashioned from scratch! Creating here in HK is challenging! I just want a Michaels or a Hobby Lobby to run to and there isn’t anything of that sort here. Same with our Halloween Decor. We worked with what was available to come up with a few decorations.  Mae was a cupcake (Thank you TJMaxx, Aunt Heather, and Grandma!) The girls celebrate Book-O-Ween at school. They dress as a character from a book and have a little parade. Mae went as a watermelon from The Watermelon Seed and Ada was Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie. She was a pretty big hit. A few spectators couldn’t believe that was her real hair.

We have had a busy month with Girl Scouts, birthday parties, dinner parties, and school activities. Now that both girls are in a girl scout troop we are VERY active. This month in addition to regular meetings we participated in a beach cleanup, and pumpkin cleaning and passing for their school fundraiser. Both girls had field day at school where parents get to go hang out and play with the kids on the big school pitch/field. We had several boat/junk/yacht outings. Ada put her brave on and tried wake surfing and jumping off the top of the boat! We have been taking advantage of the cooler weather by doing homework on the balcony and playing on the beach. We have all kinds of activities going on in November as well. The girls and I are already planning to make some Christmas decorations in the next few weeks.


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