January: Our Everyday Adventures Via the IPhone

Trying to play catch up here. I can’t believe how fast this year has already gone. In January, Grandpa came back to HK with us, which always alleviates the sadness we feel when leaving Nebraska. We mostly focused on getting back into the routine of things. We had some nice family walks with grandpa down at the beach and also at the Big Buddha.

The girls received new tablets for Christmas and are most intrigued by email. That’s right, at four and six they have their own email address and are already possessive of them. They want very little help when writing messages and only allow me to spell for them. I really think it has made them feel a bit more connected and I believe it has been a great tool for spelling and reading practice. Mae begins each of her messages the same, but can do it completely on her own at four years old. Not bad I say. So, thanks Aunt Heidi and Uncle Joe for the tablets again!

The big news for January is the girls tried skiing for the first time. Adam took the girls to Japan and I think it went really well overall. I can still hardly believe I wasn’t part of their first ski experience. It was one of the hardest things for me to do. I gave up complete control for an entire weekend. After an invitation from a friend, Adam and I decided it would be so great for everyone if it remained just dads in charge. The girls are always so whiney around me, and I am always so soft with them, we thought a trip that was focused on physical activity (not the girls’ favorite) and cold weather (also not their favorite) could be a recipe for disaster if mom was around. So two dads took three little girls to Japan and all came home in one piece!

Mae. This girl. Adam and I were just talking about how she is so full of personality, she always has been but she is starting to develop a deeper sense of self. She is hot and cold. Moody. Smart. and Funny. She is capable of being sweet and helpful, and she is capable of being extremely stubborn. She can be so patient when it comes to certain activities such as rainbow loom, weaving, and reading, however she can be the most impatient person when it comes to food, and attention from mom. As of last night she wants to be a trick rider, ballerina, and an artist when she grows up.


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