November & December: Our Everyday Adventures Via the IPhone


We took a quick trip to Seoul, South Korea to watch a cirque du soleil show called Cavalia. We thought the girls would enjoy a show with real horses and why not enjoy a new city to make it a bit more special. The show was entertaining, as was the question and answer forum in Korean afterwards. We ate Korean BBQ which was delicious and explored the Trick Eye Museum (very fun). I would love to go back and explore all the city has to offer, I know we barely scraped the surface there. The number of cafes was astronomical. It was so hard to walk by and not stop in every one of them. Kids can hinder the exploration of coffee and slowing down every now and then.

Ada played in a barefoot soccer tournament charity event which she thought was good fun.

Mae got to bring home baby Lucy from class to “care for”. She did an exceptional job. She took her to dance, dinner, and even gave her a proper bath.

We spent another Thanksgiving with our friends at their home and enjoyed turkey and all the fixings!


The little sister got married! The wedding was beautiful and absolutely perfect. I’ll have to play around with downloading some of the professional pics because they are fantastic and she was stunning!

Our little family of four decorated a gingerbread house together. Mae spent most of her time eating and sneaking more than her share of the decorations.

The reunions are always the sweetest when we get back to Nebraska. The tradition of having an aunt, a cousin, and grandparent greet us at the airport is so exciting every. single. time. The girls spent as much time as they possibly could obsessing over their cousins, especially the youngest. We spent time at Crossroads Ranch horse whispering, sledding, four wheeling, eating cinnamon rolls, and unwrapping gifts.

We came back to Hong Kong with full hearts.


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