September: Our Everyday Adventures Via the IPhone

After arriving back in HK at the end of August we quickly settled into our new school routine at HKIS (Hong Kong International School). The girls ride the bus to and from school together which eased the transition for all parties involved! We settled back into our weekend routines of exploring beaches, kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming/lunching at The American Club. I started hiking with a group weekly, and we attempt a new trail each time. Unfortunately upon returning to HK I struggled with my health for nearly six weeks (and poor Mae ended up with something as well). Several antibiotics, doctors, and air purifiers later I was finally back to feeling mostly like myself again. Just in time for a little get away…

We spent a long weekend in Hoi An, Vietnam. It is such a charming place. The food was incredibly fresh and flavorful, the weather was HOT, and we got to explore and cook and relax. At the beginning of the holiday we attempted to document all the the snacks Mae consumed. However, I lost track nearly 12 hours in. The girl snacks nonstop!

We spent one day learning to cook 4-5 traditional Vietnamese dishes. We started at the market and bought our ingredients, then took several boats to an island where we made our own rice milk, then went on to cook spring rolls, crispy vietnamese pancakes, beef salad, and beef noodle soup. All were incredible! I mean seriously so so good. Ada really got into the cooking too, she ate everything and was a great sport. Because it was so hot, we spent the majority of our time near the water, but we did explore the city a bit, and took the girls for a ride in a tuk tuk.

And can I just say the Vietnamese iced coffees are about as good as it gets. I had way too many.


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