Summer: Our Everyday Adventures Via the iPhone

Of course the most anticipated summer event was this cutie patootie. Scout. The absolute perfect addition to the Hornung-Scherr-Schroer-Remund-Loya Family!

The second most anticipated summer event…horses, trail rides, and rodeos.

We celebrated Mae’s fourth birthday with a front yard Luau. Complete with a delicious pineapple tropical flavored cake and buttercream frosting because there is no other way to eat cake.  Seriously, it was good.  They do NOT make cakes like that here in HK.

Other random summer activities included a trip to Minneapolis (I didn’t document our coffee growler and starbucks latte mix concoction, that was beyond beyond (that is an American Girl reference, because there was a whole lotta that as well on the Minneapolis trip!)), a trip to Kansas City and a Royals game, a Sara Bareillis concert in one of the most amazing venues with my bestie, hauling off most of our possessions, selling our house, and making the most of  Nebraska sunsets on the ranchitas. It was a good summer. Oh and new cheetah shoes.


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