May: Our Everyday Adventures Via the IPhone

The month was wet. It was pretty miserable for about 3-4 weeks. Somehow we managed to squeeze in lots of fun and activities.

We spent a great afternoon at The Art Basel 2014 Show. The girls enjoyed it and Ada loved having her picture taken with some of her favorite art, which seemed to be about every piece we encountered! The exhibit was only about four days but I was wishing it was more permanent because I could see myself spending a whole lotta time there. There was so much to see and study. I sure am glad we were able to attend.

We celebrated Mother’s Day at school, Lucas first communion, and of course Ada’s birthday.  The girls had their last days of school, cooking class, art class, and riding lessons for the summer. Packing up and heading for the hills…er plains of Nebraska. As always I’m hoping we have a smooth and relatively easy journey with little whining, and a generous amount of sleep.  Of course, I know better and just hope we don’t make anyone else’s 16 hr flight time miserable.  Nebraska here we come!

Grr. technology got the best of me and I wasn’t able to caption the last gallery.


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