Six Years

Today she turned six years old.DSC_0628

I feel overwhelmed trying to write about this beauty. My words could never do justice to this amazing being. She is wise beyond her years, clever, funny, and her heart is almost too big when it comes to her little sister.

The girl might live in the city, but she is a cowgirl at heart.

Favorite color:  red

Favorite thing to do:  ride horses and art

Favorite food:  bacon, dim sum, and Papa’s breakfast

Favorite show:  Fetch with Ruff Ruffman

Favorite movie:  The Wild Stallion

Favorite book:  horse books

What makes you happy?:  mommy, daddy, and Mae Mae

What makes you sad?:  missing family in Lincoln

What do you want to be when you grow up?:  a teacher and a horse rider

Favorite thing I did this year:  riding horses

She had a school celebration where Adam, Mae, and I went into her classroom with treats and told tidbits about Ada at every year from the time she was born. It was a special ritual and I am so glad to we were all able to experience it with her. Mae and I baked and decorated a cake for her before she got home from school and she thought it was too pretty to eat. That didn’t last too long though.

Happy Birthday Ada!

Oh and she lost a tooth. Which reminds me I need to be sure the tooth fairy is on top of her game.


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