A Snackers Guide to Mui Wo

I finally found some ambition to plan an escapade and follow through. Over the really, really, really long Easter break we didn’t really challenge our creativity much. Many days (who’s counting) were spent in pajamas and movie watching. We did some baking, had a beach day or two, a few playdates, and a few read-a-thons. So you could say we were needing a little variation, a little excitement. There are fantastic outdoor activities Hong Kong has to offer. However, our kids are less than stellar in such situations always needing to be carried, too hot, too hungry, etc. I was determined to do some Hong Kong exploring and keep everyone mostly happy.

Just as we were getting ready to set off , there was of course crying and whining regarding shoe choice. I asked the girls to dress semi-sporty for our expedition and Ada throws herself to the ground so distressed about her tennis shoes no longer fitting and not having another suitable pair. Then Mae throws herself to the ground when she hears Ada will be getting a new pair. So off to the store we go to buy tennis shoes (even though Mae has multiple pair that actually fit). I let Adam take over, que the typical male shopping theory, one stop, one store, and nothing more. It was an experience all in itself buying new tennis shoes with Adam in charge. One wanted the cheapest looking pair on the shelf the other wanted hers to light up and I was in the corning cringing at every. single. choice.

Finally, we were back in the taxi and heading to Central Pier 6 to catch the “fast” ferry to Mui Wo village on Lantau Island with new matching sporty shoes.

At this point we (certain party members) had already eaten banana bread, blueberries, goldfish, and two bacon sandwiches. After disembarking from the ferry we had two sea sick little girls. We were hoping to head to Cheung Sha beach to try the South African restaurant The Steop. However, the need to decompress and eat an actual meal was critical at that moment. We ate at Como Lake, an as the name indicates italian restaurant just off the water in the Mui Wo cooked food market. After bread, pizza, prosciutto and melon, caprese salad, and spicy clam spaghetti, we were ready to get our bike ride on. I was hoping they would have kids bikes to rent, but unfortunately they did not.  They also didn’t have a bicycle with a child seat to offer. It wasn’t clear if they had already been rented or they just didn’t have them to offer. In any case we were lucky enough to score the last tricycle.

Map in hand we headed off with Adam at the front wheel and me and the girls as backseat drivers.

   Rock climbing, cave dwelling, river fjording, and appreciation for the village lifestyle ensued. We learned the act of rock climbing and boulder hopping is exhilarating for an almost 6 year old. We also learned the idea of rock climbing and boulder hopping terrified our 3.5 year old. Who knew. After about an hour or two of exploring we stopped for a bottle of coke and a can of sprite (the only thing cold). It was at this point we learned our kids had never drank out of a can before and they were thrilled to be able to drink soda. Next we played at the beach and then headed back to the ferry to meet Adam who had returned our tricycle and had managed to buy dehumidifiers, a butter knife, a warm baguette, and two blocks of cheese. He also managed to find TacoChaco. Two orders of chips and guacamole, two fish tacos, two carne asada tacos, two churros, and a few intense games of rock paper scissors later we again headed to the ferry, about 150ft away. Once there, we busted into the baguette and cheese along with an apple.

It’s safe to say we didn’t go hungry in Mui Wo. We had a fantastic day, and left a little fatter and a little happier.

A few other highlights worth mentioning; the crazy lady who snuck up on wild livestock (water buffalo I believe) to pet and get a picture with a calf. Also, the lady who was eating a bowl of noodles and simultaneously smoking a cigarette.


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