April: Our Everyday Adventures Via the IPhone…

Plus a few extra details, since those have been lacking lately.

Mae getting a home manicure/pedicure complete with tea.

The girls received some hand me downs and put on a show while trying them on.

Mae’s latest cooking class creation, a bunny pancake.

Two of the three books I read this month, yeah me!

Mae doing what she does best at riding lessons, snacking.

One of the CEEC horses with blue eyes.

Iced Mint and Citrus Tea.

Ada was playing photographer to me and Mae.

Three going on Thirteen.  Coin Purse, chucks, rainbow loom bracelets, and fresh mani in taxi.

Potato printing on Ikea cushion covers.

Beach Adventures over the two week Easter holiday.

Good ol’ fashioned Easter egg dying + sharpie drawing with friends Luca and Ines.

And last but not least our surprise overnight stay at Disneyland.  The girls’ favorite part was the room service. My least favorite part was jumping in the pool fully clothed (she’s fine).


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