Bliss in Koh Samui

Adam organized a last minute trip to Thailand for my birthday this past weekend. We are so very lucky to have found a support system on this side of the world to allow us to enjoy spontaneous adventures such as.  Like usual, I was a bit apprehensive to leave the girls behind, I think the second thing after “Awesome!” to come out of my mouth was “Are you sure you don’t want to take the girls?”.  Adam gently reminded my that I nearly strangled them both only days/hours before, and soon I was off packing my bags.

The weekend really got off to a great start with a birthday dinner with friends. We reserved a table at a mexican restaurant because I wanted a low key atmosphere, margaritas, and endless baskets of chips and guacamole. The food was sub par (surprise, surprise) but they did deliver on some tasty margaritas and baskets of chips and guac. I was a happy birthday girl. We later staggered (I was wearing heels and it was a steep grade) down the hill to a bar with no signage whatsoever. We rang a doorbell and then it was like a magic door opened and inside was a posh little bar. Nearly 10 of us crammed into a 6 seater velvet booth complete with a curtain to enjoy another round (or two) before calling it a night.

The next morning was a little rough, but we were out the door and on our way to warm weather and an incredible resort. I stocked myself up on books and magazines and was able to grab a coffee at the last minute next to our gate to start the day right. Upon arrival at the Koh Samui Four seasons resort we enjoyed incredible views and a delicious exotic juice concoction. The next best thing about the trip was a golf cart ride to our villa with a Happy Birthday sign!

For the next 36 hours we did nothing but relax and eat amazing Thai food. The trip was not what you would call cultural. Instead we found ourselves combating first world problems such as, which tropical cocktail we were going to order next, and were we going to take a dip in our private infinity pool or go down to the beach for a swim.  Rough I tell ya. I will say as we were leaving I felt a tinge of guilt about not taking advantage of being children free, in the exploration of culture sense. I didn’t even use my “nice” camera while we were there. I decided I have always struggled a bit with photography because I feel like photos can be very intimate and intimidating for those looking in the lens, so even still after all my travels I fear I am intruding when I start clicking away. If there was ever time to pick up my camera and explore the culture this would have been a great trip to do so. Instead, I didn’t want to “work”at anything, or read a map, or take the chance of being run over by a motorbike. As lame as it may sound, I rather enjoyed mindlessly flipping through a magazine and reading a fictional novel about Hong Kong. I figure when you are paying to stay in a five star resort you may as well get your money worth.

The trip wasn’t a total bust on the cultural perspective however. On the way to and from the airport I saw all kinds of sights. Food stalls selling fresh fruit, colorful yard ornaments, motorbikes, thatched roofs, colored gasoline in glass bottles, coconuts with straws, random chickens, dogs, water buffalo, and trash. The airport in Koh Samui also offered a different cultural perspective. The buildings were a collection of open air structures, connected by breezeways. It was the most lax airport experience I have ever had, at least post 9/11. It was a refreshing experience since most airports today are buzzing with anxiety, stress, and my journey is much more important than your journey kind of air. Of course any international trip wouldn’t be complete without someone in close proximity to you reeking of the ripest body odor you every thought humanly possible. Safe to say our trip was more than complete.

As far as the girls…lets just say their weekend may have been more indulgent than ours. Sleepovers (multiple), ice cream, giant indoor playgrounds, McDonalds, and even an imaginary wedding complete with a hot dog and champagne reception!


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