A Few Disclaimers/Confessions


These are tame…

-The Bonzano family (mentioned in a previous post) are not just Italian-American, they are Italian-Mexican-Texan-South-African-American, just to clarify.

-Almost every picture I have posted thus far and from what I can tell about the foreseeable future have been taken with my iPhone.  I just find it so difficult to haul around a huge, heavy piece of equipment that really requires me to use two hands.  On a good day I’m lucky to have one free hand.  So, as frustrating as it is, I’m just not in a good place to be using my dslr on a regular basis. Furthermore, if I am lucky to have enough sense about me and my sometimes one free hand to actually take photos of something other than my children, I’ll be sure to share.

-I am actually capable of writing at least one post that didn’t include pictures of my kids.

-It’s cold here. Not arctic vortex cold, but damp gets to your bones cold. The real problem for me here in HK is without central heat in the apartment it takes forever to warm up (think concrete walls and floors). It’s an embarrassing thing to admit since I was previously bragging about the beautiful weather. My space heater and I get along real well. I drink only warm liquids.  Seriously. Tea and coffee and that is it. I wear the same stocking hat everyday even in the apartment.

-It seems my kids won’t eat anything but plain rice or noodles.  They will also eat olives.  I have been buying them in the can and serving as a side dish.


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