Reading, Riding, and Rotisserie Chicken

For the better part of yesterday we had a solid day.  It seems with jet lag we are all off for so long. If we aren’t waking up at all hours of the night, one of us is losing it during the day.  So when Mae woke up yesterday at 6am I swear I heard angels singing!  I had snacks ready for her, to which she was elated.  She scarfed down some applesauce and goldfish and then laid into me about watching the iPad.  I suggested we snuggle and read books and I was pleasantly surprised she didn’t throw a gigantic fit.  So for the next 40 minutes we snuggled and read.  Ada joined us and we were all content.  Getting ready for school and going to school…no fits, no tears, just going through the motions.  Major accomplishment.  After school, we ate lunch.  Rotisserie chicken, veggie salad, and chips/salsa.  Nothing fancy.  But it felt like a miracle when they sat down and didn’t balk at the food in front of them.  They ate.  They even had seconds.  We spent the afternoon at Ada’s riding lesson.  It was a beautiful day.  During the ride home things fell apart, but at least we had more than just a few moments of happy.

(Below: Ada riding Prince at Clearwater Bay Riding Club, Mae eating a snack as usual, girls playing at lunch in curtains)





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